6 World Heritage things to do in Australia in 2019

Meet some of the furry locals. Kangaroos carry and feed their baby-joeys in their pouch.
Judith Scharnowski


Australia might be the smallest continent on planet Earth, but it has one of the biggest auras. Let me share a few amazing things to do in Australia in 2019 that will make your holiday truly awesome.

Firstly, Australia is rich in diversity so strap yourself in for a wild ride. Our people and our experiences are equally mind-blowingly different...which is probably why we have so many World Heritage sites for you to add to your Australia bucket-list.

And you won’t be able to help falling in love with Australia’s wildlife. This is your chance to see koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and quokkas. Still wanting more, swim with a platypus, dolphins or sea lions. When it’s whale watching season (which is now), watch these majestic creatures playfully swim along the east Coast of Australia to warmer waters. It really doesn’t matter which cities and towns you’re visiting, you’ll have the chance to see our many local creatures - both in the wild and in the many wildlife sanctuaries.
And when you’re not meeting the local wildlife, you’ll be spoilt for choice with beaches, rainforests, national parks, rugged coastlines, waterfalls and gorges. Be prepared for some of the most astounding natural wonders of the world.
So let’s get started on planning your next vacation to Australia and which World Heritage activities you’ll add to your itinerary.


  • Australia is huge so it’s unlikely that you’ll get to see everything on your holiday. Work out what holiday experiences you want and remember, there’s always next time.

  • Visit our free Trip Planner and see what your holiday style is. From beaches, bushwalks, Aboriginal culture, city life, island life, we'll help you choose the right things to add to your holiday itinerary.

#1: Explore the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

Great-Barrier-Reef -in-Queensland-Australia
Go swimming, snorkeling or diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Photo:Neha Pandey

Australia is home to one of the world's largest and longest coral reefs. It has over 1,500 varying varieties of fish, 400 coral species and nearly 4,000 types of molluscs. You can experience the Great Barrier Reef by boat, snorkelling and/or diving. Not keen on the water, then take a helicopter ride and see the reef from the air.

Heads up, divers MUST include this on their itinerary. This is your chance to dive among the exotic tropical marine life that is hard to find anywhere else and see up close the most fascinating aquatic creatures on the planet. Click here for more information for your trip to the Great Barrier Reef.‚Äč
  • Perfect for: water lovers, nature lovers, snorkellers, divers.
  • The easiest way to get there – fly into Cairns.

#2: Sail your way through Whitsundays – Queensland

Go sailing on the beautiful Whitsundays. Photo by R Bent

The Whitsundays is known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The Whitsundays is hundreds of islands (some that have been developed into resorts), the whitest of white sands, and stunning clear blue warm water. This is the ultimate in coastal living. It’s hard to believe it could get any better … and then your board a boats and sail or cruise around the Whitsundays.

Your visit to the Whitsundays is all about relaxation and water activities. There are water sports (you know, jet-ski, parasail, stand-up paddle boarding), but your real focus will be on floating in the water, snorkelling, and just soaking up the serenity. A must do is a visit the world-famous Whitehaven Beach and it's famous soft white sands. Click here for more information for your trip to the Whitsundays.
  • The Whitsundays is south of Cairns, and the closest city is Mackay. Get there by car or catch a flight to Mackay.

  • Perfect for: water lovers, nature lovers, snorkellers, divers.

#3: Witness a sunset like never before on the Great Ocean Road

Take the most memorable drive along the Great Ocean Road. Photo: Julian Hacker
When you visit Australia, you must do the Great Ocean Road drive, which is in Victoria. This drive is famous for its 12 Apostles – which are majestic limestone rocks rising from the ocean. They are beautiful at any time but even more spectacular at dusk and dawn. Stop off and take a walk. Be sure to pack a camera because no-one will believe the picture you’re trying to explain when you get home. Click here for more information for your trip to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.
  • The Great Ocean Road is in Victoria. Fly to Melbourne and either hire a car or book a tour to see the Great Ocean Road.

  • Perfect for: everyone! A mind-blowingly amazing thing to do and experience.

#4: Visit the majestic Uluru (Ayers Rock)

See the amazing Uluru in the Northern Territory. Photo: Tourism Australia

You've seen this gigantic monolith in books and movies but now it’s your time to see it in person. Uluru is a world heritage site and has 40,000 years of Aboriginal history, stories and culture. It is deeply sacred and spiritual to its Indigenous people, and when you visit Uluru you will feel it too.

There’s plenty of ways to explore Uluru including a walk around the base, dinner under the stars or segway tour. Tours are run by the local Indigenous people who can really share the history and culture and stories….don’t miss visiting this sacred and stunning landmark. Click here for more information for your trip to Uluru and the Northern Territory.

  • Uluru is in the Northern Territory. There are limited direct flights to Uluru airport. Otherwise, fly to Alice Springs and drive or catch a bus to Uluru.

  • Perfect for: everyone! This is a mind-blowingly amazing thing to do and experience. Your visit to Uluru will give you goose-bumps and will stay etched in your memory forever.

#5: Visit the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is stunning by day and night...and there's always something to do,
from checking out a performance, dinner, drinks or a tour. Photo:


You really can’t visit Australia without visiting the Sydney Opera House. Let’s face it, it’s one of the most prominent places in Australia and is an example of modern architecture that was well before its time (and was very controversial back in the day).

Experience the Opera House however you want. Maybe book tickets for a performance or show, do a walking tour or a back-stage tour, or having dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurants and bars. Click here for more information for your trip to Sydney.

#6: Go surfing! Do this anywhere on the Coast of Australia

Go surfing or even learn to surf at the meany great Australian beaches. 
alexandre saraiva carniato


Australia is one of the best countries to go surfing, probably because there are so many beaches to choose from. World surfing champions and enthusiasts flock to Australia to go surfing…but it’s also a great place to ‘learn to surf’. That’s right, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Australia has beaches and waves to suit everyone. Click here for more information for yoursurfing holiday.


Just some of the top surfing spots include the world Heritage Listed Fraser Island, Greenmount and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Bells beach in Victoria, Bondi and Manly beaches in Sydney, Cottesloe in Western Australia.

If you’ve got your own vehicle, tie up the surfing board on your universal roof rack and get ready to enjoy your adrenaline-filled water adventure.

Start planning your World Heritage holiday in Australia in 2019

If you need some help planning you Australia vacation, download your free itineraries and let’s start planning your bucket list of activities and things to do in Australia.

As for flights and places to stay, start searching the best options and prices to suit your holiday. This is all part of the fun of planning your ideal holiday. 

Happy travelling.