New online Travel website creates personalised holiday itineraries to Australia

A new online travel website called Australia Trip Planner was launched today, and creates personalised holiday itineraries for people planning to holiday in Australia.
Director of Australia Trip Planner, Lisa Murray said this website empowers people to plan and book their holiday directly, and make great savings.
“Finally, people can get the holiday experience that they want and deserve. When we take a holiday, there is so much time, money and energy that goes into planning it, so it’s important to make sure you get what you want.
“Travel agents can book airfares, hotel accommodation and even some tours and activities. The problem is that they’re often giving advice on a holiday destination that they haven’t been to. That’s where Australia Trip Planner can help. We know Australia and we give you tips, advice and create an itinerary to suit your holiday,” she said.
Creating an itinerary is simple and cheap. It costs AUD2.00 for each city and people get an itinerary with recommended activities, costs and booking links so that they can book directly.
To create an itinerary, people simply click on the:
  • holiday destinations and cities they want to visit
  • how many days they plan to be in each city
  • holiday themes you want to experience such as adventure, family friendly, and cultural activities
  • types of restaurants and eateries they want advice on
Each holiday itinerary request is added to the shopping cart. Once you’ve paid, you receive a PDF copy of your recommended itinerary including all URL links so you can booking directly. The activities are recommendations only and people are not obligated to book them.
Lisa said: “The great thing about this service is that people receive recommended activities that they can review in their own time. When they’re ready to commit, they simply click on the links to book activities directly.
Australia Trip Planner takes the middle man out of planning your holiday. This means that you don’t pay travel agency commissions, you save money, and you get a great choice of activities that suit your holiday desires.”
For more information on Australia Trip Planner, visit or email us at