What To Do In The Blue Mountains For A Day

Are you planning your holiday in the Blue Mountains? Here are some ideas for your Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney!

There are few experiences as rewarding as getting away from the often hectic hustle and bustle of the city in exchange for an adventure that allows you to reset and reconnect with the 'real' world that Mother Nature has provided for untold centuries. For Australians, this doesn't require a lengthy, complicated planning process or rearranging your calendar in order to 'make it fit' into your busy schedule.

Located about a two hour drive north-west from Sydney is the Blue Mountains, a popular getaway destination. But it's not just Sydneysiders who love the stunning Blue Mountains, travellers from all over the country and from overseas make their way to get a view of the rugged mountains' blue-tinged haze (which is how they got their name.)

Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains Day Trip


An ideal starting point for a Blue Mountains day trip is Blue Mountains National Park, a diverse collection of geographical wonders; vast eucalyptus forests, pristine waterfalls, ravines and rugged rock formations. 'Can't-miss' highlights include the Charles Darwin Walk where visitors can retrace the path taken by the famous naturalist in 1836, surrounded by indigenous forest, hanging swamps and native fauna and wildlife.

Another favourite among Blue Mountains day trip ideas is the Prince Henry Cliff Walk, a breathtaking excursion along the Katoomba Cascades cliff edge to Gordon Falls, a moderately challenging walk that provides unparalleled scenic overlooks, especially in summer, when the region is awash with golden and yellow flora.

The options available to outdoors enthusiasts are practically limitless, ranging from abseiling, camping, canoeing, canyoning, cave exploring, horseback riding, mountain and rock climbing and mountain biking, For the day visitor who prefers a more relaxed and pastoral experience, an excursion along Greater Blue Mountains Drive provides endless awe-inspiring panoramic scenic opportunities for sightseers and photographers alike.

Experience the Local Charm

For an even more 'laid-back' Blue Mountains experience, a day (or weekend) visit among the charming and picturesque villages in the region give visitors the chance to enjoy a leisurely stroll among local art galleries, cafes, gift shops and carefully cultivated gardens, topped off with an intimate dining experience at one of the area restaurants that specialise in local fare and provide unmatched service.

A picture-postcard representation of a quaint Blue Mountains village is Mount Victoria, a small community that features historic and iconic buildings such as Toll Keepers Cottage (built 1849), Manor House (1876) and the Imperial Hotel (1878). Adding to Mount Victoria's appeal is its close proximity to Victoria Falls and Mt. York. Another Blue Mountains treasure is the village of Hartley, an historic settlement that's remained basically unchanged since its founding in the mid-1800s. Early Australian history is on display throughout this charming community, from the Comet Inn, Williams Store and many other impeccably-preserved buildings.


Five 'Must-See' Attractions For a Blue Mountains Day Trip

One Day in the Blue Mountains National Park


Scenic World -- Located in Katoomba, this extremely popular attraction features the world's steepest railway, the glass-floored Skyway that takes passengers across thick forest canopy, and a breathtaking dive into Jamison Valley onboard the Scenic Cableway.

The Three Sisters -- Also in Katoomba, these three sandstone pillars are perhaps the most recognisable attraction in the Blue Mountains. At a height exceeding 900 metres, these iconic formations provide a photographic 'must have, ' especially at night when floodlights illuminate them from below


(The Rock Peak Meehni of the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains)


The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah -- For aficionados of unique international plant life, this subsidiary of the renowned Sydney Botanic Gardens offers an almost dizzying collection of more than 500 different species of plants, presented impressively by region of origin.

Jenolan Caves -- Among the world's oldest, these series of caves located in the southwestern Blue Mountains contain subterranean rivers, fossilised artifacts and massive limestone formations. An additional unique feature is Lucas Cave's Cathedral Chamber, where concerts are staged, displaying incredible acoustic qualities.

Leura -- Three kilometres from Katoomba is the quaint Blue Mountains village of Leura, long-renowned for its therapeutic health spas, elabourate gardens and Edwardian-style architecture. Leura has also developed a reputation for being an 'artist's community, ' notable for the many music venues, art galleries and antique shoppes that occupy the cherry tree-lined streets. Another feature of Leura's unique charm are its seasonal events including the October Leura Garden and Village Fairs.