Sydney is one of the world's most beautiful harbour cities.
Photo courtesy of Destination New South Wales

Sydney's harbour

Sydney's harbour is truly breathtaking and is a magical playground for children of all ages, whether you are 5, 20, 50 or 100 years old. Sydney Harbour has so many things to do, from walking across or to the very top of the Harbour Bridge; going sailing, taking a harbour cruise or jumping on a Sydney Ferry; enjoying a walking or cycling tour; or marvelling at the famous Opera House.

  • Go cruising – could it get any better? What better way to enjoy Sydney harbour than on a cruise boat or sailing boat​. With so many great cruise companies to choose from, check out the best prices and timea to suit your holiday.

Go cruising on the harbour. Photo: Hamilton Lund.
Courtesy of Destination New South Wales

  • An absolute must when visiting Sydney is a BridgeClimb. You wear a gray jumpsuit so that you blend in with the bridge and don't cause any car accidents, and a safety harness before climbing to the very top for the view of a lifetime.
  • Jump on a Hop On Hop Off cruise and go island hopping. Harbour islands ​include Fort Denison, Shark, Clark, Goat and Cockatoo, and are a unique part of Sydney's history.
  • Visit Cockatoo Island – which is the largest harbour island. It was originally a convict jail, guardhouse and convict workshop. It later housed young offenders before being transformed into one of Australia's biggest shipyards. Today, Cockatoo Island is full of adventure, with ghost tours, convict tours, self guided tours, camping, kayaking, tennis, playing chess on the giant chess board, or enjoying a picnic overlooking million dollar homes.
  • Fort Denison was a jail built for second offender convicts. At the time, Sydney harbour was also home to many sharks so there was no escaping this prison. Back in its day it was known as pinchgut because the hungry convicts were forced to survive on rations of bread and water.
Manly ferry wharf. Photo courtesy of Destination New South Wales

Cool & inexpensive things to do

  • Take a walk along the Opera House foreshore and into the Royal Botanic Gardens. Entry is free. Why not grab a snack or sandwich and enjoy an afternoon lazing in the Gardens overlooking the harbour. You'll also get a chance to do some serious people watching.
  • Check out the local buskers at work along Circular Quay, or grab a cappuccino at one of the funky cafes or pubs along the harbour.
  • Catch a Sydney Ferry from Circular Quay in the city to Manly, Parramatta, Balmain, Watsons Bay or Taronga Zoo. Click here for prices and timeables.
  • Take a free self guided walking tour around Sydney, and learn about Aboriginal history and culture, the infamous Kings Cross, the historic Rocks, celebrity stories, and so much more.