Frequently asked questions about Australia Trip Planner

We've answered some of the more common questions here, just click on the questions to reveal the answer. If you can't an answer to your question please feel free to contact us.

What is Australia Trip Planner?
Australia Trip Planner gives you information and advice to help you find the best deals for your Australian holiday. We also create your holiday itinerary which recommends things to do, tours attractions and restaurants that suit your desires.
You tell us what you want to experience in Australia and we will develop a recommended day-by-day itinerary complete with information and booking links to each activity so you can book activities directly. This saves you money and time.
How does Australia Trip Planner work?
We know Australia and we will share our local knowledge with you so you can have the best holiday ever. We also partner with reputable tourism companies who can get you great deals on accommodation and attractions. Australia Trip Planner makes sure you get great deals on activities so you have a fabulous holiday.
How do you make savings?
We are not a travel agent and we do not make your bookings for you. We give you the booking details and links and you make your bookings directly. This saves you money because you're not paying travel agency commissions.
Is it easy to use Australia Trip Planner?
Absolutely! Go to the 'create your itinerary' page and let us know what you want to do on your holiday. From there, press the 'submit' button and Australia Trip Planner will generate an itinerary based on your likes, the cities you're visiting, and how many days you're holidaying here.